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Latest Gau News

Gau went back in to the vet this morning. He has not been peeing since the surgery – it’s not a physical problem, so the vets believe he’s too afraid to pee due to pain and burning sensations. He went … Continue reading

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Hedwig Gau is home

Gau has returned, and is in high spirits (perhaps due to his painkillers). He’s got to go in tomorrow morning to get an IV shunt removed, and possibly get another catheter if he doesn’t pee here at home tonight. His … Continue reading

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reFRESH (Williamsburg)

It’s late… you’ve just finished your workout, your muscles are hot, and you’re famished.  Where do you go for a satisfying meal that won’t undo all your Herculean efforts?  Billyburgians now have a tasty new option – the reFRESH cafe … Continue reading

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There’s Shit in your Meat

“In the USDA study 78.6 percent of the ground beef contained microbes that are spread primarily by fecal material. The medical literature on the causes of food poisoning is full of euphemisms and dry scientific terms: coliform levels, aerobic plate … Continue reading

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