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Conversation With An Average American

Background: A woman in her early 40s (maybe younger, but she looked like she lives hard) sits behind me and a friend in a public space. She has smoked two cigarettes in the last 30 minutes, and the smoke was … Continue reading

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Stayed home from work today for a day of rest. Nose is running like a river, but I feel almost human. I’ve already been through half a box of tissues; I drink water, and it just comes right out my … Continue reading

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I developed a really bad fever last night. Intermittent bouts of sleep, punctuated by fits of coughing up gunk, chills, massive sweats, and nasty congestion. I’ve been laying in bed all day, and I feel too weak to get up. … Continue reading

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I have chosen the perfect time to develop a nasty little respiratory infection. I have a callback audition on Sunday night, and I’m supposed to be teaching a class next week. ARRRGH. Must. not. talk.

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Flu Update

It’s totally the flu. I’ve been having bouts of light fever the last couple hours, my head is getting stuffed, and I’m developing a chest cough. I don’t think I’m going to be well enough to go in tomorrow… and … Continue reading

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