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Reprint: “Of Witchcraft, Brewsters and Beer”

Preface – How I Learned the True Tale of the Witch I first met noted beer anthropologist Alan Eames in 2006 when he (along with comic artist Stephen Bissette and Joe Citro) organized the first (and sadly, only) “Lovecraft In … Continue reading

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How A Kid Became Interested In Code

TL;DR – Read the summary section at the bottom of the page. NOTE: I may add to or update this post as I gather more information from other sources and reminisce further about my past. Just a warning if you … Continue reading

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Black Cat Appreciation Day; Happy Friday the 13th!

I Love My Black Cat! Don’t fall prey to superstitions! General Gau asks that you remember that black cats need your help, because they are the least adopted from animal shelters, and when they do get adopted on dates like … Continue reading

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Why Did The New York Tech Scene Grow?

When one contemplates the meteoric heights achieved by the New York tech scene, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings it started from. In just a relatively short six years, New York has exploded into a tech powerhouse that is … Continue reading

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Design Is Key To Understanding

I recently watched the NOVA special “Cracking the Maya Code” and was absolutely fascinated by it. I have a special place in my heart for Mesoamerican / pre-Colombian civilizations and Mayanists in general. It’s incredible to me that the language … Continue reading

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