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So – frustrated – must – eat – own – head…

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

There is still no water. I specifically asked on Sunday for him to just turn on the cold water just so I can clean. And he didn’t. I also specifically asked him to call me about trying to find a plumber, so I’m assuming he found one who will test the gas pipes… if he […]

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Shaving the walls

Mike Caprio 8 Replies

Today I spent about five hours scraping wallpaper glue off my walls. The process was very physical, very mind-numbingly zen. Spray walls with DIF – wait – wet walls with sponge – wait – scrape scrape scrape – wash walls again. I’d take the scraper, run it along the plaster, then dip it in the […]

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Let there be… HEAT!!

Mike Caprio Leave a Reply

My apartment has heat! Hooray!! Now all I need is water – and that should follow shortly. The place has been emptied, and the rooms I am not using have been closed. I’ve moved about 60% of my stuff there, and I spent the day today scraping wallpaper off the walls in my bedroom with […]

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