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Yodok Stories

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20,000,000 people are being held prisoner in North Korea. They are starving, resorting to cannibalism. Completely cut off from the world, they have no media and no sources of information except for occasional helium balloons carrying leaflets sent by sympathetic people in the South. It’s as if they live 70 or 100 years in the […]

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Black Sheep [2007]

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What do you get when you forcibly mate the mutant zombie spawn of the Evil Dead movies with the raunchy gobs of bloody gore from Bad Taste and the self-effacing humor of Shaun of the Dead?  Well, if you set it in the pastures of New Zealand, where sheep outnumber people, you get Black Sheep.  […]

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NY Comic-Con

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I only managed to go on Saturday, and I did the whole thing in one day. I’ll be posting pictures and a synopsis soon… needless to say, the highlight of the show was finding a first printing of Skull #5, a rare underground horror comic from decades ago which was the first to adapt H.P. […]

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