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Why Did The New York Tech Scene Grow?

Mike Caprio 11 Replies

When one contemplates the meteoric heights achieved by the New York tech scene, it’s easy to forget the humble beginnings it started from. In just a relatively short six years, New York has exploded into a tech powerhouse that is now beginning to rival Silicon Valley.  I say six years because, by my estimation, the […]

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Why We Aren’t In A Tech Bubble (Yet)

Mike Caprio Leave a Reply

Having lived through The First Great Tech Bubble – the era of Pets.com, Whoopi Goldberg & Flooz, and billion dollar valuations of companies that never made a profit – I feel qualified to speak on the topic of today’s booming tech sector. The question on everyone’s mind is: Have we replaced Pets.com with Groupon.com, Flooz with Bitcoin, and found ourselves a mere 11 years later on the precipice of The Second Great Tech Bubble?

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iPhone 3Gs impressions

Mike Caprio 1 Reply

You can really tell that it’s faster. The response time on tapping things like mail and photos has sped up quite a bit. The new camera makes images look great, though it doesn’t seem like you can autofocus while you’re recording a video – and the ambient sound recording during the video isn’t half bad, […]

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iPhone 3Gs and smudges

Mike Caprio 9 Replies

Looks like fingerprint smudging on iPhones was enough of a problem that Apple actually created a fingerprint resistant coating on the iPhone 3Gs. I wonder if they got requests from government and security people for that as well?

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Nintendo DSi disappointment!

It seems that the only way to get pictures off my Nintendo DSi is via SD card. Bah! What’s wireless communication for if I can’t just directly pull files off my DSi onto a computer?? Guess I have to pick one up down the street… EDIT: Finally got the pictures off the DSi and into […]

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