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Scientific Jargon And The Baggage Of Language (A Better Periodic Table?)

I’m looking at some sample code for the iPhone, an application that demonstrates a bunch of principles in app coding all at once, including animation and so forth. It’s a relatively trivial app, just sample code, and it uses the … Continue reading

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New Apple Product

iCam is coming!! Or maybe they’ll call it iSee? iVid? http://www.macrumors.com/2009/04/03/apple-ordering-3-2-and-5-megapixel-camera-sensors-for-iphone-and-future-product/

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Design Is Key To Understanding

I recently watched the NOVA special “Cracking the Maya Code” and was absolutely fascinated by it. I have a special place in my heart for Mesoamerican / pre-Colombian civilizations and Mayanists in general. It’s incredible to me that the language … Continue reading

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Geolocation Meme?

This geolocation meme requires that you go to http://www.getlatlon.com/ and find the relevant coordinates on the map. Geolocation of Important Places Where I was born: 41.303, -72.932 Where I grew up: 41.321, -72.793 Where I went to high school: 41.336, … Continue reading

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iPhoto + Address Book win

Looks like Apple’s most recent update to iLife partly addressed the issue I mentioned here over six weeks ago: http://mikecap.livejournal.com/958798.html Good deal! Now all they need to do is add the theoretical social networking application I’ve been designing in my … Continue reading

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