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she smells of the sun and she’s constantly saying that’s it’s all right, because lies sound so nice and like soil to seed goes to casting my fears aside… she says the satellite is coming I pray the wrecking ball is waning she says the satellite is coming it’s come to take us home satellite… […]

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Things I Want

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I want to make out with Brody Armstrong. I want Shirley Manson to read me a bedtime story. I want Gwen Stefani to have my baby. That was a pretty good concert. Garbage was the best of the three.

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La Dee Da

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So, went to the Bijou on Friday night and saw Spirited Away, a great anime from the makers of Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. It was bizarre. Highly surreal and much cool. I’m going to go see it a whole bunch more times, especially now that I have my Bijou membership card and can […]

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