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The New Mafioso

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Jack Abramoff took a page out of every Sopranos episode or mafia movie ever made. He made a couple of really bad movies. He snookered a guy out of a casino business, and the guy “got killed” by a bunch of guys who claim Abramoff’s partner hired them. He made back room deals in the […]

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The Following Congressmen Voted Against Katrina Aid

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You should be aware that the vote on the $51 billion aid package for relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina was not unanimously in favor. Eleven Republican members of Congress voted against it. They include: Joe Barton, Texas; Jeff Flake, Arizona; Virginia Foxx, North Carolina; Scott Garrett, New Jersey; John Hostettler, Indiana; Steve King, Iowa; […]

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Zombie DDoS Attack!

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Yahoo is apparently getting hosed by a DNS outage at Akamai caused by a DDoS attack from a bunch of zombie PCs. Wow, what a string of jargon crap I just wrote. 🙂 Google and a bunch of other sites are similarly screwed. Maybe I should start paying attention to Slashdot again, I would have […]

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