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Nintendo DSi disappointment!

It seems that the only way to get pictures off my Nintendo DSi is via SD card. Bah! What’s wireless communication for if I can’t just directly pull files off my DSi onto a computer?? Guess I have to pick one up down the street… EDIT: Finally got the pictures off the DSi and into […]

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Nintendo versus Apple

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

I bought a Nintendo DSi. I’m liking it; bigger screen, more features (including web browsing), SD card slot, download play with the DSi shop, and all the features of the old DS Lite except for the Game Boy slot – but that is really the big negative for me, I’m sad that I need to […]

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Fucking Nintendo

Mike Caprio 4 Replies

I am an idiot. But not the only one. Frigging iPod syndrome is what it is. This is the new tactic – release the crappy product, then release the slimmer, more featured one in 18 months. Lesson learned. Trust not the Nintendo assholes, for they lie like lying liars!

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