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Douglas Hofstadter’s Impact On My Life – A Strange Feedback Loop

Douglas Hofstadter is one of those people who is known but to a few, yet is celebrated greatly among that small number. He is a professor of cognitive science, and learned in physics and philosophy, but he is a celebrity … Continue reading

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PUA: Pick Up Artistry, Games, and Rules

Some of you know that I’ve hit the dating scene pretty hard the last couple months. Recently it seems like things have accelerated a bit; right after Valentine’s Day this year, my profile on OKCupid started getting a LOT more … Continue reading

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Not much posted here recently – Facebook gets most of my attention these days. But there is a lot going on, I’m doing a lot more living than blogging about living. Over the last couple of months I’ve been making … Continue reading

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Geolocation Meme?

This geolocation meme requires that you go to http://www.getlatlon.com/ and find the relevant coordinates on the map. Geolocation of Important Places Where I was born: 41.303, -72.932 Where I grew up: 41.321, -72.793 Where I went to high school: 41.336, … Continue reading

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Lossy Data

I recently had a nasty external hard drive failure – normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as I’m good about making backups, but for some ridiculously stupid reason I only had one copy of my entire iPhoto library stored on … Continue reading

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