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How To Save Humanity From Destroying Itself By Using Made Up Numbers

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Problem: Industrialized nations, whose population make up a relatively small proportion of all of humanity, consume vastly more resources than the rest of the world. In addition, significantly large populations, generally in Asia, are beginning to enter a more consumptive phase of national development and could potentially drive more overconsumption. Resource-driven wars are looming; some […]

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Technology And The Will To Change

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I just posted this in Warren Ellis’s LJ: Realizing the intersection of social justice and technology is the defining challenge of our time. Every crisis affecting the global population today revolves around this fundamental exploration; technology alone can’t save lives, people also need the will to make change happen. Our generation can end poverty and […]

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Interviewed by arachne8x

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1) #1 comfort food Wow, this one’s tough, it’s like one of those “Which one is your favorite child?” type questions! I’m going to write out a short list and then try to figure it out from there. macaroni and cheese Thanksgiving stuffing homemade manicotti stuffed tomatoes chocolate/chocolate ice cream chocolate chip cookies and milk […]

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Blog Saturation Point?

Mike Caprio 3 Replies

I was reading in Warren Ellis’s newsletter just now that Bruce Sterling was quoted at the South By SouthWest (SXSW) conference as saying that blogging is transient and will likely be gone in a decade. While I can’t imagine that being true for myself (it’s been six years now, and I still don’t think I’ve […]

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Inland Empire: Comfort for the Disturbed (mild spoilers?)

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Tonight I am seeking refuge in a bottle because David Lynch made me question reality. I am downing the last of my Morando Barolo 2001 with a slice of black olive and green olive pizza from Tony’s up the street; I realize now that this wine would be perfect with a Puttanesca sauce, and I […]

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