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A Failure Of Vision For Broadband Access

My Rant About NY State Using Opportunity Funds To Bribe Broadband ISPs https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556241481758179328 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556241938148786178 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242220496744448 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242498897870850 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242928725929984 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556243669284839424 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244244802068480 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244477405585409 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244737255288832 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556245062854905856 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556245668403380225 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556246272664145923

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Dude Where’s My App? Things I Expect To Be Able To Do And Yet Still Cannot Do

Why Isn’t There An App For That? There are a surprising number of things that should be completely technically feasible, and yet nothing exists to solve these problems. Maybe it’s the Innovator’s Dilemma, maybe it’s just that the people in … Continue reading

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An open letter to Ars Technica: Saddleback Leather and Religionism

Try to imagine my surprise when, upon receiving my “free leather wallet” for signing up for a premium account on Ars Technica, I found several cards inside the $29.00 value object reading “Christ Rules” in Greek script. Is it Ars … Continue reading

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PUA: Pick Up Artistry, Games, and Rules

Some of you know that I’ve hit the dating scene pretty hard the last couple months. Recently it seems like things have accelerated a bit; right after Valentine’s Day this year, my profile on OKCupid started getting a LOT more … Continue reading

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How My PayPal Account Got Cracked For $450, or, Online Security’s A Joke

I’ve always considered myself a savvy online consumer. I’m an IT professional, a software engineer and independent consultant. I make all my passwords strong, I don’t click on pop-ups or install suspicious software, I don’t ever purchase anything from shady … Continue reading

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