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LISS Soda Siphon

I purchased this stainless steel 2 quart bottle with the intention of enjoying seltzer and creating my own all natural, organic soft drinks. The lovely, thick stainless steel bottle SPRANG A LEAK on my very first attempt at using a … Continue reading

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More religious nutbags

I will never work for a company that has a VP of Spiritual Life. http://bridge-troll.livejournal.com/356713.html I wonder if I can reasonably put in my business contracts that my company believes in freedom from religion in the workplace and that all … Continue reading

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How To Save Humanity From Destroying Itself By Using Made Up Numbers

Problem: Industrialized nations, whose population make up a relatively small proportion of all of humanity, consume vastly more resources than the rest of the world. In addition, significantly large populations, generally in Asia, are beginning to enter a more consumptive … Continue reading

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Freaking phone service man. It’s impossible to just get a cheap data only phone line these days – it used to be you could get the phone company to come and install a $10 a month data line for a … Continue reading

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