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No Country For Old Men – HATED IT

This movie was a piece of utter garbage. I just finished watching No Country For Old Men, and I’m literally sitting here completely stunned at what a scrap of trash it was. In comparison to EVERY OTHER FILM the Coens … Continue reading

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Technology And The Will To Change

I just posted this in Warren Ellis’s LJ: Realizing the intersection of social justice and technology is the defining challenge of our time. Every crisis affecting the global population today revolves around this fundamental exploration; technology alone can’t save lives, … Continue reading

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Fucking Religion

Religion. Is. Scary. I saw a guy on my train this morning, a tall bulky guy wearing a jacket zipped all the way up. He stared at me with these piercing and dead bright blue eyes – everything about him … Continue reading

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If the U.S. drops into a Depression (note capital D) do you think that we could just finally get everyone to agree that FDR WAS FUCKING RIGHT and that maybe the Republican party shouldn’t have done their very damndest over … Continue reading

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Fuck The Phone Company!

So I had read that there was supposed to be this legislation or legal ruling or something that is supposed to be preventing cell phone companies from applying huge termination fees when you want to end a contract near the … Continue reading

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