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Beginning of the insanity?

The U.S. has largely escaped sectarian violence over the last several centuries; religion and denominations have existed side-by-side and left each other alone. I have a feeling however that this is in the process of changing. This whole phenomenon of … Continue reading

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Ismail AX

Blogs all over the place are starting to report the VT shooter’s “cryptic” reference to Ismail AX, as written on the inside of his arm in red ink. All the usual suspects are coming out to play. “It’s his email … Continue reading

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karmadrome interviews me

5 Interview Questions 1. What one book that you read as a child had the greatest impact on who you are now, and why? Do you still have a copy? Do you still read it from time to time? I … Continue reading

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There’s Shit in your Meat

“In the USDA study 78.6 percent of the ground beef contained microbes that are spread primarily by fecal material. The medical literature on the causes of food poisoning is full of euphemisms and dry scientific terms: coliform levels, aerobic plate … Continue reading

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Inland Empire: Comfort for the Disturbed (mild spoilers?)

Tonight I am seeking refuge in a bottle because David Lynch made me question reality. I am downing the last of my Morando Barolo 2001 with a slice of black olive and green olive pizza from Tony’s up the street; … Continue reading

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