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Today’s lunchie yum yum: HARD SALAMI. Yeah baby. Sweet, spicy, hard salami sliced nice and thin in a sangwich with American cheese. On a more negative note… some old crabby broad at the deli stole the last loaf of focaccia … Continue reading

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A short restaurant rant

For those of you who berate me for my dislike of chain restaurants, I present this tidbit for you. CHAIN RESTAURANTS ARE TEH SUCCKCKKKKKKK!!!!! Do you know why I don’t like chain restaurants? Because the food SUCKS. The quality of … Continue reading

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From mikecap@bigwpi.WPI.EDU Fri Sep 22 03:41:47 EDT 1995 Article: 1066 of wpi.students.vox Newsgroups: wpi.students.vox,wpi.students.voxhumana   I’m afraid of dying now. I don’t think I was ever really afraid of my mortality before. It was an accepted thing, something that was … Continue reading

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