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Computer Science

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While in school, immersed in the theory and practice of computer science, I found myself thinking that the inevitable end of computer science was to make itself obsolete. I often thought about direct manipulation systems and visual programming languages – the ultimate creation of a cyberspace kind of toolset where people just used symbols to […]

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Let me start off by saying that I think I am a little anti-religious because of my Catholic upbringing and the horrific track record of most religions. I’d like to think that the human race can grow beyond the need for religion, but that’s neither here nor there. As such, I consider myself an atheist […]

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Star Trek race

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Oh for pete’s sake… How boring is this selection of Star Trek races?? # 1 Human # 2 Betazoid # 3 Trill # 4 Bajoran # 5 Romulan # 6 Vulcan # 7 Ferengi # 8 Cardassian # 9 Andorian # 10 Klingon

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