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Scenes From A Coffee Shop

Mike Caprio 21 Replies

Pretty Boy enters with his two friends, sits, and discusses how he likes to take pictures of himself in the mirror when major life events happen to him. The girl is across the way, studying hard, absorbed in her work and her headphones. She gets up and walks past Pretty Boy, says something in a […]

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Eavesdropper: Something I wrote in my PDA over dinner a long time ago

Mike Caprio 6 Replies

I sit here a sanctioned eavesdropper watching an unattractive bald guy trying to talk his incredibly hot co-worker into having sex with him. I can tell he’s not getting too far, but she’s going through all the motions of this negotiation as if he has a chance. She’s not completely shutting him out, perhaps because […]

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Mike Caprio 1 Reply

Overheard at the coffee shop: “That turned out to be a rather sticky issue.” (in my head): “I’ve got a sticky issue…” Seen on a sign on the way to work: “WELCOME HUSKEY INJECTION” (in my head): “I’ve got a huskey injection…” I’m a dirty, dirty man.

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