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What’s So Great About Hackathons?

Mike Caprio 10 Replies

Hackathon? What’s That? I’m sure many folks unfamiliar with the phrase “hackathon” will wonder whether it involves breaking in to a computer or telecommunications system and “hacking” passwords or some such security thing. Mass media and other government / special interests have firmly associated the term “hack” with “criminal act” so it’s important to state […]

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A Short Screenplay About Your Life

This Is Your Life And You Don’t Even Realize It [Cue Twilight Zone sounding music. FADE IN to a Rod Serling style NARRATOR standing in the foreground of a LIVING ROOM, lights dim. In the background, softly lit, is a woman sitting in a comfy chair, using a generic tablet or eReader looking device. Lights […]

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Hackathons, For Love And Money

Mike Caprio 13 Replies

If you work in software development, you’ve no doubt heard of the concept of a hackathon: a marathon event (sometimes continuing through the night, with little to no sleep) where participants attempt to cobble (or hack, or jerry-rig) together a solution to a perceived problem or challenge. The term “hack” has a rich history and […]

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Douglas Hofstadter’s Impact On My Life – A Strange Feedback Loop

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

Douglas Hofstadter is one of those people who is known but to a few, yet is celebrated greatly among that small number. He is a professor of cognitive science, and learned in physics and philosophy, but he is a celebrity among computer scientists, primarily due to being the author of the Pulitzer prize-winning book “Gödel, […]

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On Teaching And Inspiration

Mike Caprio 1 Reply

Several weeks ago I decided I would try to piggyback on the “codeyear” movement that’s received so much momentum and attention since the start of this year. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for some time myself – to teach a really basic workshop for beginners on programming concepts and the principles of computer […]

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