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Why We Aren’t In A Tech Bubble (Yet)

Having lived through The First Great Tech Bubble – the era of Pets.com, Whoopi Goldberg & Flooz, and billion dollar valuations of companies that never made a profit – I feel qualified to speak on the topic of today’s booming tech sector. The question on everyone’s mind is: Have we replaced Pets.com with Groupon.com, Flooz with Bitcoin, and found ourselves a mere 11 years later on the precipice of The Second Great Tech Bubble?

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The Map Application I Want

I don’t know if people really care about this sort of thing as much as I do… but as a New Yorker (and still a relatively new one, that may factor in) I find that I need to plan my … Continue reading

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Ars Technica Followup on Game Consoles

I posted this comment on Ars in response to an article stating that a motion detection sensor on XBox was somehow going to be a “Wii killer”; I’m expanding on it a little more here to stretch out my thoughts … Continue reading

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Nintendo versus Apple

I bought a Nintendo DSi. I’m liking it; bigger screen, more features (including web browsing), SD card slot, download play with the DSi shop, and all the features of the old DS Lite except for the Game Boy slot – … Continue reading

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Google Maps and iPhone Maps

I’m really looking forward to improvements in Maps in iPhoneOS 3.0. Opening up access to Maps via API means that Apple and/or Google can create better native iPhone implementations of things like saved Google maps. I really enjoy making maps … Continue reading

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