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Microsoft / DOJ Conspiracy – Fiction? Historical Fiction? Or Non-fiction?

Summer 2002 – Department of Justice offices MS rep: “Look, this case is just bad news for everyone, and all I’m saying is I think we can work out a way to make everyone happy.” DOJ rep: “I don’t see … Continue reading

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RPGs and tech geekery

This Cartoforge for Palm OS looks sweet. Makes me wish there were folks nearby to game with… It also puts me in the mind of wanting to buy a new PDA. I’ve decided to move away from the integrated phone/PDA … Continue reading

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New DELL computer!

Happy shiny new DELL PC arrived yesterday. It came with Windows XP Professional… after 10 minutes of futzing, I managed to make it look like it should instead of looking like “OS for motards”. And once again, I realized that … Continue reading

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The quest for svelte continues…

I continue to be on target with my changes in diet. I’ve never actually strictly regimented myself to a certain number of calories per day; that, combined with this really simple every day exercise program, is working amazingly well. I … Continue reading

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