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I kind of called it on flying smartphone-drones (smartdrones) back in July of this year. https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485931667748446209 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485932574481469443

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The Catalyst of the Story (or, The Alchemy of Breaking Bad)

I haven’t yet watched the first episode of the final season of Breaking Bad, but I’m eager to see how it all ends. I feel a slight trepidation that it’ll end poorly, but surely not as badly as LOST or … Continue reading

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Real Innovation In Personal Computing – Not Coming From An Apple Tablet!

The Apple Tablet, which it seems at this point Apple will reveal to the world on Wednesday, will very likely be a respectable accomplishment in the engineering of computing hardware. It will be light, have good battery life, have touch-sensitivity, … Continue reading

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FRINGE speculation

Do not read if you don’t wanna. So they made the big reveal last episode on FRINGE – the overarching story is about inter-dimensional invasion. I think it’s pretty clear that Massive Dynamic is a player in the inter-dimensional war, … Continue reading

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Apple is going to release a wireless, fully Internet-surfing-ready HDTV home theatre system with iTunes and video on demand built-in, and an iPod dock. Maybe it’ll have a Wiimote-like controller? Or maybe you’ll be able to download software that will … Continue reading

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