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A Conversation At Cadillac Headquarters

“We really need to sell more cars. Who has money to buy luxury vehicles?” “Don’t those techie startup people have a ton of money to blow?” “Oh yeah, I saw that HBO show, they totally have stupid money. Who can … Continue reading

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A Failure Of Vision For Broadband Access

My Rant About NY State Using Opportunity Funds To Bribe Broadband ISPs https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556241481758179328 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556241938148786178 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242220496744448 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242498897870850 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556242928725929984 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556243669284839424 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244244802068480 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244477405585409 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556244737255288832 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556245062854905856 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556245668403380225 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/status/556246272664145923

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My Response To NYC’s CTO

The Beta NYC civic hacking group met with New York City’s First Chief Technology Officer. She made it clear that the City’s IT policy, technology, data, leadership, and services need to accessible to all New Yorkers. She also posed two … Continue reading

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I kind of called it on flying smartphone-drones (smartdrones) back in July of this year. https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485931667748446209 https://twitter.com/mik3cap/statuses/485932574481469443

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What’s So Great About Hackathons?

Hackathon? What’s That? I’m sure many folks unfamiliar with the phrase “hackathon” will wonder whether it involves breaking in to a computer or telecommunications system and “hacking” passwords or some such security thing. Mass media and other government / special … Continue reading

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