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Swing Low, Sweet Dow Jones

Someday people will learn that greed is not sustainable. The serpent can only eat so much of its own tail before it chokes. I predict that the DJIA will settle down when it hits about 3500. I suspect it will … Continue reading

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Lie To Me

Okay so… I’m not an expert here. And I don’t credit myself as being more observant than the average person. But just watching this TV show has made me start looking for microexpressions on people, and I think I’m starting … Continue reading

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What I’m Watching

In the tradition of “What Comics Mike Is Reading”, I present – “What Shows Mike Is Watching”. I won’t use the word TV since I don’t really rely on that medium for my media watching. Anyways, here’s the list, alphabetically, … Continue reading

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FRINGE speculation

Do not read if you don’t wanna. So they made the big reveal last episode on FRINGE – the overarching story is about inter-dimensional invasion. I think it’s pretty clear that Massive Dynamic is a player in the inter-dimensional war, … Continue reading

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The Future of Television: The Trumpets Sound, The Apocalypse Begins

Market forces have set the endgame for the future of television in motion. Sony has announced an agreement with the National Cable Association that in effect cuts all competing set-top boxes out of the loop – insert a cable card … Continue reading

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