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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account And Returned To Blogging

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

This article originally appeared in Torque Magazine; image credit goes to Torque. A Little Bit Of History This WordPress blog is the latest incarnation of my online identity; I’ve had a web site operating continuously for roughly 20 years, but I didn’t start to post regular updates online until “blogs” became a thing. I remember […]

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Paid Facebook

Mike Caprio 8 Replies

If Facebook ever did go the paid route, I would ditch it instantly. It’s not worth it to me, I already pay for this journal and other avenues of expression… what does this say about the “value” of my social network? I think what it tells me is that the network is at any given […]

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Bandwidth bandwidth bandwidth

Mike Caprio 3 Replies

These are the three most critical things for the future of personal computing. Why? Because the next thing coming down the pipe is massive, massive processing power. Which is great! We can keep bending Moore’s Law over all day long, and make humongous irons available in people’s living rooms and offices. We can do all […]

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LJ dead or dying?

Mike Caprio 15 Replies

I’ve noticed that most of my friends (and myself included) are much more interested in posting stuff to Facebook now. I think this is for several reasons: 1) Lots and lots of people are using it (stronger network). 2) The interface is easier to use – you can post links and photos and so forth […]

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Tribeca Film Festival web site FAIL

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When is TFF going to learn that they need higher capacity when they open their online ordering? I was in the system placing an order, and then I got kicked out… now I can’t even get back onto their lame system!!

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