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Swing Low, Sweet Dow Jones

Mike Caprio 10 Replies

Someday people will learn that greed is not sustainable. The serpent can only eat so much of its own tail before it chokes. I predict that the DJIA will settle down when it hits about 3500. I suspect it will take nearly another year to get to that point, when the markets all finally bottom […]

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Sir Post-A-Lot

Mike Caprio 2 Replies

I like big blogs, and I cannot lie. Just a quick thought: Aggregration is the latest buzzitude on the web. Everyone’s starting an aggregate prediction market, or a meta site that pools together weather forecasts or restaurant reviews, et cetera. What’s your aggregation idea? What information becomes more valuable when you collect it all up […]

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Blog Saturation Point?

Mike Caprio 3 Replies

I was reading in Warren Ellis’s newsletter just now that Bruce Sterling was quoted at the South By SouthWest (SXSW) conference as saying that blogging is transient and will likely be gone in a decade. While I can’t imagine that being true for myself (it’s been six years now, and I still don’t think I’ve […]

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I Succumb! (An analysis of my blog commenters)

Mike Caprio 1 Reply

Analysis: Who’s been commenting in your journal? 1 mikecap 953 comments 24.21% of total 2 bonisagus 155 comments 3.94% of total 3 kaiwoklaw 127 comments 3.23% of total 4 moviemuff 111 comments 2.82% of total 5 bluegargantua 110 comments 2.79% of total 6 shogunhb 110 comments 2.79% of total 7 rantfaery 96 comments 2.44% of […]

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