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The 7 Deadly Sins That Kill Innovation In Your Organization

This Is Not A Religious Screed Let me just get that out of the way right up front. I am not at all a religious person – but I have to say that I feel this metaphor will ring true … Continue reading

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The Four Ways StartupBus Dramatically Grew My Network

This article is a slightly modified version of the article posted previously at New Worker Magazine. People who know me usually see me as a people person, and I definitely am someone who’s interested in other people and in how … Continue reading

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The Five Lean Lessons I Learned On The StartupBus

In 2011, I went on one of the most arduous and life-changing trips I’ve ever taken – I rode the StartupBus from New York City to Austin, Texas. At the time I thought I was out for a lark, taking … Continue reading

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If a blog entry is not written, did it really happen?

Not a lot going on in the old journal these days. Much going on is being had though. I just don’t have the time to journal it. Here then is a synopsis: I’ve been working; the end of this quarter … Continue reading

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