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Nantucket journal

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Second day on Nantucket. I felt inspired enough to pick up a writing pad and pen so I could transcribe some of my memories onto paper. I’m sucking on a richly delicious strawberry frappe from Congdons’ Pharmacy. Thick berries and sweet cream through a bendy straw. But I’m not sitting on a bench so I […]

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Extraterrestrial Speculation

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Those of you who know me or read here regularly know that I like to speculate on various and sundry topics. Lately I’ve thought a lot about what other alien species would be like, and how we’d interact with them. SciFi channel re-running Threshold has got my interest piqued again too. Here are my thoughts […]

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A Lexicon entry I loved writing

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Lexicon: from the Encyclopedia Elymria I am not a magic man, nor am I a mechanism man. But I am a war man, and from the fact to be that position me taught many things, which a pupil of other arts cannot know. One piece of the esoteric knowledge, which I won, is that one […]

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